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Hello. I am Avni. Refer to me using they/them/their pronouns. Sometimes I do stuff.
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This post is me acknowleging that some people go onto tumblr to escape the real world and to soothe themselves after stressful experiences, so if they block or ignore social justice and news stories so that their decompression isn’t interrupted with yet more stress, it is not only no one’s business but it makes perfect sense.

Never judge people for not reblogging something.

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main goals when going to a friend’s house:

  1. pet dog
  2. avoid parent
  3. don’t clog toilet

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Imagine baby werewolves for a second

Like little babies able to turn into little tiny werewolves

And they act like puppies instead of vicious monsters that eat anything that moves

Little balls of fluff squeak-howling at the moon and play fighting with teddy bears and each other and just. LICKING. EVERY. MOVING. THING.


If you think this post is cute and sounds like a good time then you’re in luck because this movie exists


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Hey, they should do a reverse version of Faking It where a couple of lesbians pretend to be straight so they’re accepted!
They could call it “Real Life”.

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imagine tamaki suoh in a dollar store

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