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trans mermaids


so like I’ve seen a lot of posts about lesbian mermaids, but can we just take a minute to look at what a great metaphor mermaids/sirens make for trans women?

  • accused of “seducing” men / leading them to their death
  • viewed as half-women
  • cis people don’t quite understand / are very curious about our genitalia
  • extremely beautiful

so yeah I’m all for the trans woman mermatriarchy

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Reblog if you daydream a lot.


This includes letting your ideas, stories and head-canons marinate in your head on a daily basis to the point of not writing any of it down because you’re either afraid of how it will turn out or too fucking lazy to write that shit down.

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Comparing your relationship to Romeo and Juliet to express how in love you are is kind of like using Hamlet to demonstrate how close and well-adjusted your family life is

*laughs tastefully*

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This dude really made his own vine as well

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